Flavors of the Seasons

Hello and welcome to the first of many interesting (hopefully) and flavorful blog posts for the Fall 2016 session of COM561!  Throughout the duration of the semester, I plan to take you on a journey of taste throughout the seasons, focusing on food pairings based on current trends in the food and beverage industry, each corresponding to the different seasons.  My goal is to both inspire and educate on the various combinations of complimentary flavors, with the hope that you may interested enough to try some out for yourself!

Working in the flavor industry, a big part of what I do is selecting and sending different flavor profiles to customers who are working on various types of food or beverage applications.  Whether they are looking to enhance the flavor of a baked good, alcoholic beverage or nutritional snack, much of the time spent on developing a new product is focused on how to make it taste good enough that people will buy it.  A lot of that simply has to do with whether or not a certain flavor would even be suitable for the application at hand.

Often when I talk about what I do for a living, I am met with curiosity and enthusiam. Consequently, when deciding a blog topic for the semester, I wanted to find a way to bring flavoring out of the lab and into the kitchen of those who may not be familiar with, or aware of, just how impactful flavor can be.

Originally I had the idea of simply talking about flavor trends—what’s big in restaurant and bar scenes, as well as flavors you may be seeing more of on the shelves at the grocery store—but that wasn’t as hands-on as I was hoping to be with this blog. Sure I could do some research and present it in a fancy manner, but what would you do with that information?  Order that drink next time you’re out and about? Maybe. Maybe not.

So, with the very helpful input from classmates, a topic was born:

Flavors of the Seasons: A Seasonal Food Pairing Guide

Throughout the upcoming blog posts, I plan on sharing season-specific food and beverage pairing ideas that correlate with current flavor trends you may already be seeing on the market. I hope not only to give you a bit of insight on what flavor can do for a meal, but also to inspire you to try some of these pairings out for yourself in your own kitchen (or in a restaurant…or in your friend-who-cooks’ kitchen)!


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