Expanding the Palate: Communicating Flavor

Why hello, again.  By now we are just about done with Unit 1 of COM 561, and I hope at least one of you took it upon yourself to give my Caramel-Coffee Protein Shake a try!  It is both a delicious AND nutritious way to kick-start your day!

Now that we’ve officially kicked off the semester and have our first project under our belts, I’m going to sidetrack us from our journey through flavors of the seasons and begin to widen the scope of this semester’s blog topic.

Communicating Flavor

In my original blog topic posting, I voiced notes of uncertainty in regards to how I would relate classwork with the flavor industry, and ultimately chose a topic I felt would be easy for readers to relate to: food pairings.  Though this is  indeed a unique and interesting concept to explore, it is only one topic in an industry that is rather vast. It is also a topic that my work touches really only touches on vaguely.

If you’ve read any of my past posts, you’ll know by now that at my job, we apply flavors to and create flavors for various food and drink items. My team, however, are not often pairing different food and drink items together, unless it is for demo or expo. They are busy putting flavors together to make the next market item taste marketable.

The caramel coffee protein shake image acts as a connection between my original blog topic while working as an introduction into the flavor industry.  While I will not be focusing on seasonal food pairings, it was a way to be relevant to the reader and introduce them to an idea influenced by the work my coworkers have done in the past: pairing brown earthy notes with other brown earthy notes to compliment each other.

Moving forward, I am excited to take you with me in exploration of the different aspects of the flavor industry my work partakes in on a daily basis, as I work toward communicating flavor, one post at a time.




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