Graphic Design Final Project


Creative Inspiration

In my draft post, I mentioned the inspiration of this piece was work my coworkers have done with flavoring various types of protein, such as pea and rice proteins.  While I intended to focus on pea protein, I wanted to make the recipe more applicable to potential readers and omitted using a specific protein from the recipe.

As my original blog topic was seasonal food pairings, this image was drafted with two goals in mind: to represent summertime and to showcase flavor pairings outside of the lab.  According to feedback, I successfully accomplished these goals with my draft design.  Despite moving to broaden my blog topic to incorporate more aspects of the industry than just flavor pairing, I consider this final image to be an introduction to the flavor industry—something you’d likely see posted on social media to draw new people to a page or site.  For more about my broadened topic, click here.

After reading comments on my draft, I had changes to make in three key areas:

  1. The size of the photo. It was just too small
  2. The size of the protein shake. For being the main character of my story, it was just too small.
  3. Font choices. Not all bad, but there was room for improvement.


Size Matters

As I mentioned in my last post, I had some difficulties getting the photo to post at the correct size on my blog.  I thought this was a Photoshop issue, but considering the image is 1000×800 pixels, Lisa pointed out that it was likely a WordPress default that I should be able to change.  Upon further investigation, what do you know, she was right! I had posted the photo as a 300×400 pixel image rather than the full size—whoops!  Thankfully that was a simple fix.  For the final draft, I exported the photo to 800×640 pixels.

Size Still Matters

One of the critiques I received was in regards to the size of the protein shake.  Because this is the focal point of the image, I had many recommendations to increase the size of the shake, and move it more toward the center away from the left side of the image.

After increasing the size of the image with the Free Transformation tool, the image had become too pixelated for my liking.  Using the Magnetic Lasso tool, I had to cut out a new image of the protein shake from a different picture I took that would allow me to increase the size without distorting the image.

Once cut out and cleaned up with the eraser, I moved the protein shake out of the corner and placed it in correspondence to the rule of thirds. By doing so, I was able to cover the “sad tree,” as it was described in one of the comments.

I kept the drop shadow effect I had used on it in my draft, as it gave the image a 3D effect, making it seem as though it is sitting on the background, much like we did in the Bulletin Board Project in our Photoshop Tutorials assignment.

Adjusting the size and placement of the shake meant doing the same for the daisies.  This was done also using the Free Transformation tool.

Readability Also Matters

I knew I was taking a chance with the white text against the clouds.  I chose this color because I did not want the header taking away from the rest of the image. I feared using a different color would draw the audience’s eyes to that corner instead of more important aspects of the image.

I tried using a yellow font, as suggested, which either washed out the text or had an odd contrast against the clouds, depending on the effect I played with once I rasterized the text. I then tried using a different colored outer glow, such as yellow and various shades of blue, and found a nice blue hue that was similar to the sky in the background, allowing for a smooth contrast between the white font and the clouds that made the font pop.

Another suggestion was to play with the font size of the recipe.  One commenter pointed out that the title of the beverage looked a bit small compared to the list size, which I had not realized. For the final image, I decreased the size of the recipe text, keeping it centered under the beverage title, respecting reading flow. Still keeping in mind the rule of thirds, I pulled the text out of the corner to maintain balance and unity with the rest of the image.


Background Image: K.C. Kuder
Protein Shake Image: K.C. Kuder
Daisies: Polly via Flickr

“Summer” and recipe: MostlyMono via (free for commercial use)
“Breakfast to go”: ComicAndy via (free for commercial use)
Beverage Title: MisterVampire via (free for commercial use)


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