COURSE DESCRIPTION: Utilize strategies to communication ideas clearly, concisely and effectively through multimedia content creation.

Unit 1: Narrative Graphic Collage


For this project, I focused on creating a recipe image that could be easily shared via social media or elsewhere online.  Using Adobe Photoshop, I cut out around the finished-protein shake image and placed on a new layer over a photo I had taken this summer at a local park.  Originally, I had intended on focusing my blog topics around seasonal food pairings—hence the “summer breakfast to go” text heading the image. Though, this topic proved to be too specific and did not necessarily work with the following units for the class, so the blog topic was broadened to include different aspects to the flavor industry.

Once the image was placed, and sizing adjusted, I then experimented with different font types until I found the two used in the final image.

Background Image: K.C. Kuder
Protein Shake Image: K.C. Kuder
Daisies: Polly via Flickr

“Summer” and recipe: MostlyMono via (free for commercial use)
“Breakfast to go”: ComicAndy via (free for commercial use)
Beverage Title: MisterVampire via (free for commercial use)

Unit 2: Logo Design


The topic of choice for this unit revolved around the current state of vanilla and its impact on the food and flavor industry on a global scale.  Thus, I created a logo that could be used to represent a company’s vanilla initiatives.  This includes, but is not limited to, research, growing and stabilizing the vanilla industry throughout the world. Using the vanilla plant’s flower as inspiration, the design was created with the use of the ellipse tools in Adobe Illustrator, with some minor adjusting to get the correct shape and size of the petals.

Though pictured with a font, the image was also intended to be used without, working as a small symbol of vanilla for the company using it. I’ve also included a colored version of the logo for design purposes.


Font used: Daniel (free for commercial use)

Unit 3: Audio Story

Because I only touched base on the vanilla industry briefly when drafting the logo design, I wanted to use Unit 3 as a way to further research the effect of vanilla on the industry.  Because I work at a company who produces literally tons of vanilla, I had a plethora of resources at my disposal.  I had the chance to interview Mary Svoboda, a senior flavor chemist, in regards to how the industry has been and will be effected by the world’s current vanilla situation.

Using my smartphone as a microphone, I interviewed Mary in a quiet space at our work where I would pick up minimal additional noises. Our interview ended up exceeding 45 minutes’ worth of conversation, which meant I had a lot of editing to do.

Using the razor tool, I cut out different soundbites of our conversation to put together into a cohesive audio story.  Once I had the pieces I wanted to use, I then recorded my own narrative to use in between Mary’s portions, creating an “acts and tracks” style of recording.

Once edited together, I then used a piece of a song found online to act as the introduction and closing marks of the story.

Song via (free for commercial use)

Background Image via Oliver Herold (free for commercial use)

Unit 4: Video Story

For the final project, I wanted to focus on a topic that would wrap up the semester in a conclusive way, and decided creating a recipe video based on Unit 1’s project. Following the recipe guide made in the narrative graphic collage, I recorded a hand-model performing the individual steps in making the shake. To get a variety of shots, I filmed the steps from different angles, which I would work through later to see which angles worked better when.

Once filmed, I then took pieces from different clips to form the video story.  Taking inspiration from websites such as Tasty and Buzzfeed Food, I wanted to play around with different speeds and fun music to help the mood of the video. To adjust the speed, I used the razor tool in Adobe Premier to cut the clip where I wanted the speed to increase. Once cut, I adjusted the speed by using the Speed/Duration setting.

It took quite a bit of research to find the song choice for the video, but once selected, I cut the end of the song out, and had to adjust some of the transitions to better flow with the audio.  Video transitions then added between clips and different effects were added to the text seen throughout the story.

Song Used: Ukulele  (free for commercial use)


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